11/5/17 – Day off in Pensacola, FL

After a long restful night, I woke up with a plan to get to church.  Yes indeed, there is a chapel at NAS Pensacola with services for military members. Being from a state that does not play the Daylight Savings Time game, I forgot to roll the time back on my watch, which is what I refer to for time, when not riding my bike.  As a result, I arrived for church over an hour early.  Duh!  I passed the time by riding my bike over to a nearby waterfront path with historical markers sprinkled along it.  My top 3 are below. 

I headed over to church, thinking it was in this beautiful All Saints Chapel, but learned it was across the street in a smaller little chapel beside the chaplains office.  

There or so many denominations on the post, that they can only give each 2 hours of chapel space on Sunday. Sacrament Meeting was one hour, and Sunday School and Relief Society were half hour each.  I enjoyed talking to the Military Relations missionary couple and scheming mentally on how I can pull that type of mission off in my future. 

After church, I rode my bike over to Corry Station to pick up some trail mix and cereal at the commissary.  Lately, the morning pickings have not been reliably healthy, and I need healthy food to fuel me, so I am keeping my own stash.  

On the way back to the post where I’m camping, I stopped at a seafood restaurant recommended by one of the bachelors who live in the RV park–Shrimp Basket.  The shrimp, catfish and side dishes were amazing for one third of the price of my lunch at Lulu’s. Lesson learned. No more expensive seafood on this trip. 

It started getting dark before 5 PM, with last night’s rolling the time back an hour, and I didn’t have my bike light with me. 

I had to race to get back to camp before it was completely dark. Just barely made it. 

I don’t have a lot of experience with camping in military camp grounds, but there seems to be a phenomen, at least in this one. There are 4 or 5 divorced retired men who live in tents. Heck, it only costs $7 a day, and that includes access to a clean shower and bathroom, laundry, a computer and printer, wifi, cable TV in the community center and a laundromat.  What more do you need?  They’re all very nice and helpful. One of them ran us to the Shopette, yesterday, to pick up ice, water and a little food to survive on until we could figure out how we were  going to get to eat.  They specialize in restaurant and directional advice.  Here are 3 of their setups. 

The top guy has been living here in an Army GP Small tent for 10 years. He puts the gear in storage and visits his family and kids to escape the summer heat. These guys can stay 90 days at a time, then have to move out for a 2 weeks before they can move back in.  

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