10/28/17- Bunkie to Simmesport, LA

It was an extra short 29 miler, today, due to our riding ahead yesterday.  I rode by myself and took my time during the 2.5 hour ride.  If you’re a road biker and you’re laughing at my speed, try riding a loaded bike that weighs closer to 70 lbs for 50 miles or so, sometime, instead of your 13-16 lb road bike.  

The route took us along two bayous and through three Louisiana settlements dating back to the early 1800s, with antebellum homes and massive oak and cypress trees.  

The scenery was  spectacular as we rode alongside Bayou Rouge, passing thru Evergreen and Cottonport. 

I might make a sign like this for my house and list all the previous owners. What do you think?

Next passed through Moreauville as we rode along Bayou des Glaises. 

My lunch stop
If the Louisiana State Penitentiary Rodeo had been on another day and we had more flexibility, I would not have missed it.

The weather forecast for tonight is freezing temperatures, so three of us got a room at the one and only motel in town, which happens to be a complete dump of a 1-star motel. They don’t even try to clean the rooms.  There was about a years worth of dust on the dresser, the floors don’t look like they’ve been vacuumed in about a  month, and the shower and bathroom floors haven’t been cleaned in who knows how long. 

My truck stop shower. Zoom in to see the soap.

I walked across the street to take a shower at the truck stop the rest of our group is camping behind.  Pretty desperate, eh?  At least it was clean, and they had this really cool descenting soap I never even knew exhisted before. I wish I could say it helped keep the mosquitos away, but I don’t take chances with them any more.  I protect my exposed skin with 100 strength deet.  Still don’t have a third eye, so it can’t be that bad for me.  

Simmesport had a nice grocery, but our fearless leader insisted that we not cook healthy food and instead patronize the truck stop by eating their food to show appreciation for them allowing 6 cyclists to camp out back for free. After another triple fried dinner, with the only vegetable options being potato chips and French fries, I was not a happy camper–correction: cheap motel ‘guest’.

We will have to turn in early, tonight, because we’re in a room with Chris–the earliest to bed and earliest to rise of the group. Lights out will be 7:30 PM. Wish me luck falling to sleep.  

Now that was a day of no climbing!!! Aah.

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