10/20/17 – Bastrop State Park to Carmine, TX

Today, we rode our bikes up and down what seemed to be a gazillion hills.  Shoot me!  I can’t wait to be out of Texas Hill Country.  There was more of the same scenery we’ve been seeing for over a week with more longhorns, more road kills, more monuments, more of Ed’s back, etc, as we rode through Smithville, Plum, La Grange, Rutersville and Oldenburg. 

When we got to Warrenton, things started getting more interesting, whimsical and fun. 

Hillbilly clothesline
Love this sign for the Glamp Inn
What does this mean? Chicken what?

This is a great idea for the part of my neighbor’s tree that hangs over my fence

We had heard about the pie at Royer’s in Round Top, and it did not disappoint.  

Royer’s made an exception for Joe, who’s 71. He and Tom R were good for business, downing 4 pieces of pie with 4 scoops of ice cream.
We camped at an RV park in Carmine and, due to no grocery availability, ate out again–our best meal yet. Why didn’t I take a photo of that?

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