10/21/17-Carmine to Richards, TX

What is the eastern boundary of Texas hill country?  Someone please tell me.  

Last night, we slept in a spot that was muggy and mosquito infested.  To survive being outside our tents, we had to be coated in 100% Deet, so by the time I get home, I may have a third eye. We’ve been told that they get worse as we move east from here.  

We went to bed expecting rain this morning and were pleasantly surprised that the weather forecast was wrong. The rain never materialized, and I nstead of rain, we had cool temperatures and clouds, but humidity that was off the chart.  We were drenched in sweat the entire day, especially when the sun came out of the clouds and it heated up.  On a related note, at least 4 of our group have had an increase in leg cramps in the last 24 hours, and we theorize that not drinking enough water in the humidity is the cause. 

Today’s route was about 60% bucolic country lanes and 40% highways. Hitting the road at 7:55 AMs, Ed and I pulled out of the RV park with Tim C and Erwin, but they immediately ditched us. So we rode on. Within an hour, we caught up to Joe and Tom R, who were enjoying some extended country lanes.  

These lop eared cows are Brahma bulls

About half way into the ride, we pulled into the town of Independence, home of Sam Houston and the place where Baylor University got its start.  
What’s left standing of the entry to the original Baylor, and what it used to look like back in the day
The dog trot house aside San Houston’s house

We spent some time roaming around the “ruins” of former buildings and reading their stories, then stopped for treats at the grocery store–the only historic building that is still in use.  

The store facade was made to look like the Alamo

A couple of hours later, we arrived Navasota and Miller’s, the local ice cream place.  We needed a break, and ice cream was calling out to us. 

I didn’t know how I was going to get Ken and Ed out of that place.  They each had a 3-course snack, then Ed started dozing off, then I started sizing off…..that’s when we knew we needed to get back on the road again. 

Several dozen long, steep, painful hill climbs later, we passed through Anderson to catch their Confederate monument. How much longer do you think it will be allowed to stand across from the courthouse?  

Still more crazy hills later, we pulled into Checkpoint Harley @ Mexican Hill Ranch, our destination for the night. The owners, Doris and Ernie, had two huge ice chests of Gatoraide and water waiting for us under a pavilion, and tables and chairs set up for us to cool off on.  This was going to be a great stay. 

While I was showering, Cathy and Cindy, two gals who rode the Southern Tiet last year, brought us homemade lasagne and spinach salad for dinner.  It was fun sharing stories with them. Then we buttoned down tight for a storm expected to arrive during the night. 

2 thoughts on “10/21/17-Carmine to Richards, TX

  1. Hi Eileen. It sounds like the ride is continuing to go well. Yes, there are new obstacles to overcome each day. But you seem to be taking those in stride and are still able to appreciate new discoveries. It’s really cool how many people have gone out of their way to welcome your little group of travellers. Doris, Ernie, Cathy and Cindy were prime examples of that hospitality at the Mexican Hill Ranch. Stay safe and enjoy the ride! Charlie.


    1. They are the tip of the iceberg!

      We keep meeting fabulous people. Last night it was the widow of our ride lrader’s brother letting us camp in her yard, shower in her house, do our laundry, and on top of that, she prepared a delicious dinner–for 10 of us!

      Tonight, a group of people in Merryville, LA made us dinner and spent the evening with us just because they enjoy cyclists from all over the world. And they aren’t even athletic.

      I am really enjoying the experience, but when it’s over, I’ll need to find a way to pay it forward.



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