10/19/17 – Austin to Bastrop State Park, TX

I got a late start leaving Austin, today.  The new pedals I bought on Tuesday, when I had my chain replaced, weren’t working with my cleats,so I had to return them and ride over to REI to get pedals that do. Then I had to make a trip to the post office to return my broken Garmin and to mail a box of things I’m not using home. I didn’t get on the road till past 2:30 PM.

I somehow had the impression that hill country ended after Austin, so I was a little surprised to run into several steep hills, including one with an 11% grade, before I even got out of town. The entire route was hilly, but there is no wind, so it was a nice ride all day long.

Now that’s a Longhorn!

I made it to Bastrop in time to spend a little time in the historic downtown. 

I then met the guys at the Roadhouse restaurant for dinner, before riding to our campsite to set up my tent in the dark and take a cold shower. I’m not complaining about the shower. I was happy to have a shower, even if it was cold.

Our dinner conversation included detailed discussion on some probable rainy days ahead on the route. I’m dreading them.

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