5/14/23 – Day off in Conshohocken, PA

There were limited places for us to sleep at the fire station, so Connor found a big closet with a couple of big boxes on wheels in it, where rolling just one of them out of the closet cleared enough space for him to bed down and have some privacy. Sunday morning, when there was more light, we could read the words in the side of the big box he’d moved.

It’s a Dominion Voting Machine! Very historic!

We had a day off the bikes again in Sunday, and I was again unable to get a ride to church. This time Uber and Lyft were going to charge me $48-$50 for round trip transportation, so I didn’t go. Instead, I joined the team on a visit to and tour of a Philadelphia long term care center that houses 280 wheel chair bound Medicare patients, some of whom have MS.

One of the recreation therapists spoke to us, about the capabilities and limitations of the patients we would be interacting with, then got us involved in rounding up patients for a stretch class. (We were the lure to get people out of their rooms.) It was really sad to see the physical and mental condition of the residents, in spite of the really great care they get.

Before heading back to the fire station, we stopped for lunch and ice cream in the trendy neighborhood of Manayunk. Very cool place!

Back at the station, the rest of the day was spent blogging, cleaning and maintaining bikes and gear, sending out Mother’s Day messages and talking to my sister Janette on the phone

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers and women who nurture other people’s children!

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