8/15/2021 – Pultneyville to Pulaski, NY

74.58 Miles / 3480.21 Total Miles

3445 Ft. Elevation Gain / 107,821 Ft. Total Elevation Gain

Today is my 65th birthday and Ed and Dianne’s 40th wedding anniversary. There may be a party, later, but today, there was some cycling to be done. Turning 65 is just a matter of survival, but staying happily married for 40 years, isn’t just about surviving. Both partners really have to work at it. I am really happy for Ed and Dianne and this milestone they have attained. Congratulations, to both of you!

Today was just another ordinary day on the road. Other than the two special events, it was typical of all the days lately, with lots of beautiful scenery, long miles, hilly roads, and a lot of little towns, resort areas and veterans memorials. Two things stood out, though. (1) We passed a lot of apple orchards and tree farms, and (2) We had more amazing Warm Showers hosts.

We were pretty wasted, when we pulled in to Kit and Lou’s place, just south of Pulaski. Kit pretty quickly had a pitcher of ice cold water out for us, as well as fresh pineapple, and cheese and crackers. She showed us where to dry our wet tents, from last night, let us do a load of laundry, brought out the bleach so we could get the grunge out of our bottles, and, special for my birthday, she let me sleep in a bed in the house, which was wonderful. While Kit and Lou worked together to prepare and serve up an amazing, delicious feast, we got to love on their dogs–Blue and Asker. Kit and Lou: Thank you so much for your generosity and amazing hospitality. You are awesome hosts!

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise.
Wood carving is art too.
This former POW Camp, near SODUS, was so nice that some of the prisoners returned, after the war, to live there.
Occasionally, we rest without stopping for food.
Had to take a picture of the sign for the town named after my brother Sterling.
And here is a town that reminded me of Sterling’s wife, :Dolores, who hails from Veracruz, Mexico.

4 thoughts on “8/15/2021 – Pultneyville to Pulaski, NY

    1. It is stuck in my other phone SIM card. I ran out of data on my normal phone number, and am using a different number temporarily. I’ll get it when I switch back, hopefully. Thanks for the birthday wishes, though. The day turned out okay. No celebration of any kind. Just texts and calls from my family and grandkids. I’ll have a party when I get home.


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