9/20/18 – Lompoc to Carpinteria

68.1 Miles

2431 ft of Climbing

Good morning legs! Today’s ride started out with a steep 900 foot climb into a killer headwind. Being inland, there is no predicting which way the wind will be blowing, and this morning, it was not in my favor. Is this some kind of test? Well, I passed it. Once over the climb, the route changed directions, heading back toward the coast, then, for the rest of the day, followed the coast, with a lovely breeze pushing me along the entire way. Ahhhh.

Coming out of the climb, I caught up with Chris, the Colorado gal on a recumbent bike, who posed in front of a dinosaur with me, back on September 5th. Seeing her felt like bumping into an old friend, again. We talked for a few minutes, then got back in the saddle again.Riding along the coast can be hilly, but when there is a railroad track next to the road, it is usually _ _ _ _ (fill in the blank). What a great section of road for a leisurely ride. And look how glassy the ocean water was. I would have loved to have been wake boarding on that water.Today was the first time I passed bell markers for the Camino Real–the 600 mile road, built back in the late 1700s and early 1800s, that connects the 21 Spanish missions and 4 Presidios. A portion of Highway 101, that I rode on today, is designated a part of the Purple Heart Trail, which runs from New York to California.In Goleta, the route switched from roads to bike paths and promenades, passing through the University of California Santa Barbara campus and most of the Santa Barbara waterfront. I felt like a tourist taking a gingerly ride during her vacation.cOn the way to Carpinteria, I passed through a few little beach villages, including Summerland, where this mural graced the building next to the post office, Arriving at the campsite, in time to watch the sun set and set up my tent in daylight, I met some ladies who were on their annual camping retreat, together. They set me up with ant repellant and a food box, to keep the ant infestation at the campground from overrunning the food and tents in the hiker/biker campsite. Strangers sure can be nice. Thank you ladies!

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