11/3/17 – Ocean Springs, MS to Dauphin Island, AL (Alabama so soon?)

We had breakfast in the clubhouse, this morning, after which I rode out by myself. 

And riding by myself, I could make decisions about the day’s ride without having to get consensus–like riding on I-10 for a few miles to cut out 4 – 5 miles of twists and turns in the route. The traffic was heavy, but I was rewarded with a recently paved smooth shoulder to ride on.

Interstates bypass small towns, so I missed Pascagoula and all of its shipyards and industrial sites, but I did cross the very very long bridge over the Pascagoula River.

Shortly after that, I crossed over into Sweet Home Alabama before rejoining the regular route which headed southeast toward Dauphin Island.

After passing through several miles of rural residential areas, I arrived in the Seafood Capital of Alabama–Bayou La Batre, which lies along the Mississippi Sound on the Gulf of Mexico.  

No, I didn’t stop for seafood.  I had been steadily munching on snacks in my feedbag and wasn’t hungry yet.  The town didn’t look like a seafood capital to me, but what do I know?  It just looked like a typical small town with old worn out buildings.

A few water crossings later, I was now on a narrow peninsula heading toward the 3 mile long high rise bridge that crosses over Mobile Bay to Dauphin Island, the Sunshine Capital of Alabama and the south most point in the state. 

As I pulled into town, Chris and Ed were heading my from the opposite direction.  They had arrived the island around 1:30 PM and were headed back for a bite to eat.  

These markers have different text, so I have them both here.

I joined them for a late lunch at Captain Snappers, a great little seafood restaurant. We actually met and talked to Captain Snapper, an older gentleman who recently reopened the restaurant. The food was great, so I hope his new venture is successful. 

The island is very scenic, so don’t ask me why I took these photos. 

These houses look like a movie set. Each has its own boat dock.
Don’t drink and drive.
Chris and I had dinner duty, so from the restaurant, it was off to the grocery store to buy food for the next 3 meals. 

We cooked up rigatoni with marinara sauce, ground beef, green peppers, onions and garlic. The guys like lots of garlic in their food, so we gave it to them, and they loved it.

We stayed at the Dauphin Island Park and Beach Board, a public RV park with a spacious community center and super clean and modern restrooms and showers–the things that are important to us when we camp out.  No mosquitos would also be a nice feature, but we’re not holding our breath for that.

The ferry to Fort Morgan leaves at 8 AM, tomorrow, so we are all turning in early tonight. 

My Garmin would not synchronize with my phone, today, so couldn’t download any of the graphs. Here are the numbers for the day:

Distance: 52.9 miles

Average Speed: 13.29 MPH

Ascent: 638.1

Calories: 1056

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