10/30/17 – Day Off in New Orleans

Nothing like a good nights rest and a shower in a clean bathroom to get your day off to a good start.  Erwin and I set out early on foot to see some sights.  

We walked down Esplanade Street toward the French Quarter, and Tom C met up with us.  It was fun seeing and reading about many historic buildings and places.  

The Catholic Cemetery. Will have to look into whether the Hardys and Sheens are my relatives when I get home.

Museum recognizing the contributions of African Americans to the culture of New Orleans
Joan of Arc statue
Jackson Square with the Andrew Jackson statue that I predict will still be here years from now, in spite of the current anti-Confederate tide

After a little shopping spree in the French Market, some Halloween shopping on Dumaine Street, a little more sight seeing, and lunch in a busy little diner, we stopped to watch a few performers play in some of the clubs and on the street. There are so many talented musicians trying to catch a break in that town. 

Later in the afternoon, we all went separate directions, leaving me some time to myself to check out the art in the galleries and shops on Royal Street.  

Eric and I met up with Erwin at a club where another of his favorites, John Boutte, was performing   The venue was really cool and John Boutte was a great singer, but his 4-piece band was a little disappointing.  They looked like they were dead when they weren’t playing their parts.  No, in a coma. I am not exaggerating.  It was hard to watch. 

Then, John Boutte started looking for other singers to perform in his place, recruiting a jazz singer from the U.K. who was in the audience and a trumpet player who sings like Louis Armstrong. He sat down and played the tambourine with the UK guy and changed his clothes during the trumpet player. Seemed a little strange to me.  Somehow, I hung in there for the entire concert. 

We stopped to buy a thank you gift for Chris and Laura on our way back to their house, then turned in for the night.  

Tomorrow, we are hitting the road at 5 AM to get back to the hotel in St Francisville in time to get on the road for a 91 mile day.  I’m dreading the early wake up and 91 miler. 

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