San Diego & And The Other Riders

There’s no looking back now. I drove a rented Kia Sportsge over to San Diego yesterday with my bike and gear in the back. Got a late start due to the unanticipated amount of preparation involved in leaving town for 70 days, then drove like a maniac so I could get there in time to go to my brother-in-law Charlie’s PAC Tour rider meeting and pre-ride dinner.  He left on the Pac Tour this morning and made it to our day one destination in just two hours.  Amazing, eh?  It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to cover the same distance on Tuesday.

I spent most of the day vegging out with my sister Julie at their home in Scripts Ranch. Then around 4:30 PM, I headed over to the Point Loma Hostel to check in. I am in a bunk room with four other men from the tour, which is a little awkward.  Hopefully, it will be less awkward as time goes by.

After spending some time shmoozing with other riders, I headed out to return my rental vehicle.  My trip back to the hostel followed the harbor just as the sun was setting, and there is nothing like a California sunset.

San Diego Harbor

Our first rider meeting started shortly after my return from my car rental return and went on and on and on forever.  Okay, so it seemed like forever.  I got to meet the rest of the riders in he group and hear the ride leader’s lowdown on all the rules.  The other riders are all very nice, down to earth fellas, and we all have at least one thing in common:  We are all itching to begin the ride!

4 thoughts on “San Diego & And The Other Riders

  1. You put me to shame. I rode a bike four weeks ago and fell,off. Two men had to pick me up out of the gutter and I am still sporting the skinned knee scar. You go, girl! Be safe.


    1. I fell down just last week. Guess I’m a klutz. No witnesses, thankfully. Got up, brushed myself off, checked for boo boos (got lucky this time) and finished the ride. Thanks for the well wishes!


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