5/1/23 – Jacksonville to Davis, NC – Day 1 of The Outer Banks

Miles: 75.70 Today / 1333.8 Total
Elevation Gain: 764 ft. Today / 13,846 ft. Total

Today reminded me of the day we rode on the the Erie Canal, when I was riding the Northern Tier, 2 years ago. We’d been riding across the country for almost 3000 miles, and all of the sudden, we turned onto this canal we’ve read and learned about since elementary school. Well today, we opened a new map, and took the “Alternate Route,” which goes through the Outer Banks, which I’ve read and learned about since elementary school. I never thought I’d get around to seeing either one of these places, so it’s pretty exciting to be here.

The scenery since Florida has been beaches, lush trees and swamps. The further north we go, the trees get more lush and foresty (is that a word?) and there are less and less swamps. I suspect that I’m about to see a big change, but I won’t know what it is until tomorrow.

Jacksonville was a busy, trafficy place, when we got on the road, this morning. Once out of town, the alternate route put us on busy Highway 24 and sent us eastward toward the coast again, but as a consolation, a nice tailwind kicked in, gently moving us on our way. We made great time getting to Swansboro, Cedar Point, Cape Carteras, where we had our last major grocery store resupply (we think) for a couple of days. After Bogue, we turned inland to get off of Highway 24 (Hallelujah!) and wound around some scenic country roads.

About 60 miles into our day, we turned off on the Outer Banks Scenic Byway, and that tailwind pushed us pretty quickly through Smyrna and Williston to Davis and the 1st Baptist Church that was hosting us.

I did my chores, then settled in for the night.

I am sleeping under the grand piano on the stage of the sanctuary, while my sanctuary buddy, Ed, is sleeping on a bed made of 6 chairs, his blowup mattress and his sleeping bag.

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