4/18/23 – Mims to Ormond Beach

Miles: 71.23 Today / 497.53 Total

Elevation Gain: 614 ft. Today / 4276 ft. Total

Today was the day of great rail trails. I started out on the Coast to Coast rail trail, which ran right along side the Warm Showers at the Methodist Church Mims, then zoned out on a podcast and missed the turn onto the Central Florida rail trail, riding an additional 8.5 miles total out and back on the same rail trail, when I should have taken a right turn onto the Central Florida Rail Trail. This was going to already be a long enough day, without adding more miles to in.

And let’s just talk about the weather for a minute. The rain brought cooler weather to Southern Florida, so the high today was only 74, which made for some very comfortable riding temperature wise. However, the wind was another matter, with headwinds started out at 8-11 mph in the morning, then increasing to 14-16 mph as the day wore on, which made for slow going, as I plodded up the route.

The rail trails delivered me to New Smyrna Beach, a cool little town with a nice vibe and artsy moments. Indian River begins on the south end of New Smyrna, so it was goodbye to that body of water and hello to the Halifax River and Intracoastal Waterway, my new waterfront to ride along. There were still some pretty fancy houses here and there along this river, but there were also sections of houses that were a bit more proletariat than anything I’d seen to this point—as in double and single wide mobile homes, at one point.

I passed through Port Orange and Daytona Beach, before arriving Ormond Beach, a nice normal looking little town. My Warm Showers host, Clinton, welcomed me to his home and helped me bring my bike and gear into the living room for the night. Just where it should be, right? I love that thinking!

Clinton and his brother rode this bike and identical setup on a major tour the did that included part of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. (That’s on my short list of things to do.)

Clinton became the main event of my day, because he was so hospitable. I mean the guy is a pro at this hosting business. We had a lot to chat about: Bike touring, bikes, tents, bike packing gear, tips & tricks, cool trails, etc. Amongst bicycle tourists, Clinton is famous, after begin chosen, along with his brother, to have have his photo and story published in the Adventure Cycling magazine. You can zoom in and read it here.

And above all, the guy can really cook up an amazing meal. Fajitas for dinner (yum!) and a veggie omelet and fresh fruit for breakfast. Why didn’t I take photos of them? I was in heaven. Best meals I’ve eaten since starting my ride. Thanks for taking such good care of me, Clinton. Remember where I wrote my phone number, in case you ever get out to the Phoenix area.

Tomorrow, I’ll be riding into St Augustine to meet up with the Bike the US for MS team. I’m looking forward to it!

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