8/7/2021 – Toledo to Huron

77.69 Miles / 2969.07 Total Miles

656 Ft. Elevation Gain / 97,174 Ft. Total Elevation Gain

We didn’t get to see much of Toledo as we rode to Larry’s house, last night, so I was looking forward to a little sight seeing as we passed through town today. We got on he road at 6:45, with an 80 mile day ahead of us, so there wouldn’t be much time for goofing off, which I excel at. The route took us right into downtown Toledo, which has a bounty of beautiful historic church buildings, that looked like they were imported from Europe, and a great collection of murals–two things I really like looking at.

As we cycled past all the church buildings, I recalled how my Mom used to exclaim, “Holy Toledo.” Or was it Robin on Batman who said it? I think both of them said it. Regardless, I started saying it, and it made me laugh.

Once we were out of town and moving down the route, we traveled on some nice country roads, but spent the majority of the day on rail trails. Nice, smooth, clean rail trails. A tail wind kicked in, because a greater power knew that we needed a boost, today, and it helped us move quickly and easily toward our destination, which we needed a little help with, because–dah dah DAH–we were meeting up with our friend Sue, yet again, today!!!

We’ve been coordinating with her, since she left the route in Fargo. She lives in Ohio, and had told us which cities on the route were close to her. Well today was the day we were near those cities, and she knew it, and we knew it, and we had a plan to meet up. I started messaging her as soon as we got on the road and updated her every hour or so. The plan became to meet up in Fremont, which was about where and when we would be wanting lunch.

Let me just say that the bike trail looked nothing like this. It was pristine. I was just capturing the name of the trial, here. Really.

Pretty quickly, we were in the town of Elmore and ready for our second breakfast. There were choices, for once.

I’ll have to admit that I may have overdone it with the second breakfast, because I was very full, when we pulled out of Elmore, and Fremont was only 14 miles (about an hour) up the road, and we were flying with that tailwind. At the rate we were going, I wasn’t going to be able to muster up an appetite for more food. Sue messaged me that there was a street fair going on in Fremont. The street fair in Fargo was the last place we saw her, so meeting her at one right here in her own back yard seemed fitting.

Sue met us downtown, and we walked the fair together, just as we had in Fargo. It ran the length of the entire downtown, and had a bunch of vendors, craftsmen, educational and special interest booths, and a pretty good Irish step dancing show. None of the food called out to us, so we stopped at the ice cream shop for ice cream and bought a few rounds of cold drinks from vendors. And we just chilled out for a while, while the locals quizzed us on what we are doing and where we were going.

I really enjoyed this found object art. Do you like the bicycle ‘piece’ on the left?

When we left Fremont, we got on a new rail trail–the North Coast Inland Trail–which took us through Clyde. Sue drove ahead and waited for us in Clyde, so she could snap some photos of us riding through, then she moved on to the home of our Warm Showers hosts, Lance and Pam, while we cycled the last 24 miles to meet her there.

There was a HUGE Whirlpool factory in Clyde. Who knew?
Photo Credit: Sue. Thanks for being there to take it! We Love You the Most!!!

It was hot out, and we were running out of steam, when we pulled into Avery, the last town on our route. Thankfully, there was a Subway Sandwich shop waiting for us. I pounded down a bunch of cold rootbeer, which is never a good idea, when you know you are about to be fed, but it had to be done. The infusion of calories caused our turbo chargers to kick in. How do I know this? Because we were flying, those last hilly miles to the final turnoff toward Lance’s house.

We pulled off a state route onto a dirt road and headed downhill into the small, secluded Huron River community, where Lance and Pam live. What a place! Cute little houses, all raised up on stilts or pilings, lining the river, many with boats tied to docks. There was a boat full of people backing away from one of the docks, and one of them hollered out that Lance was expecting us.

Lance had a really cool setup, with a beautiful home that he updated himself; a great outdoor space, with a screened porch, complete with its own refrigerator; and sleeping places scattered around in the living room, on the porch, under another patio cover, etc. Lance is one of those guys who has skills to do anything he sets his mind to. He has done a good amount of bicycle touring, so had some stories to tell. We sat out on the porch and talked for quite a while, before heading inside for dinner. Pam had cooked up an amazing lasagne, and Lance had prepared a salad, garlic toast and some ice cream for dessert. We were in heaven. Sue had to head home, so she could be there for church obligations, but she left us with some delicious cinnamon rolls that she’d bought at the street fair. We gave her a birthday card for her upcoming birthday (Monday, the 9th), then broke into the cinnamon rolls about 2 seconds after she drove away.

We sure loved seeing you again, Sue! And thank you so much, Lance and Pam, for your most excellent hospitality and generosity. You are a great couple!

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