8/2/2021 – Cascade to Mason, MI

77.27 Miles / 2738.96 Total Miles

2605 Ft. Elevation Gain / 93,618 Ft. Total Elevation Gain

After several days with no WIFI, I am trying to catch up on the blogging business, and catching up is harder than you might think, because we’ve been through so many towns, that I am starting to forget what happened where. If only my mind was a little younger and sharper.

When we hit the road, this morning, it was chilly out–as in 57 degrees. Shivers! Our route meandered through several small towns, some lakeside summer home areas, and more crops.

In Woodland, we pulled up to a corner with an abandoned old church on one corner and an abandoned old school just across the street. Someone mows the lawn at the church, and both buildings have been maintained, to some degree. Wish there had been someone around to ask why they keep them up.

We were wanting second breakfast, but didn’t run into a possible stop for that, till we arrived Vermontville, where Jolei’s Diner called out to us. While we ate, a local gal came in and sat at a table near us. She was super friendly, and had a few tips for us, one being that just a few miles down the road was an Amish community with an excellent bakery. Now that we have Chis on board, we stop at bakeries, even if we aren’t hungry.

That was the situation, as we pulled up to this place, shortly after eating second breakfast. Now we were on third breakfast. I bought an apple fritter and some chocolate milk and felt like I needed to purge, by the time we left that little bakery. Not being a purger, that was out of the question, so I just had to live with the feeling that I was going to pop for a couple of hours.

We had planned to stay with Warm Showers hosts, this evening, but getting to their house would have required over 85 miles of cycling, so we had to undo that plan. Instead, we found ourselves in another cheap motel, and this one required some cleaning–by us–before we could let our things make contact with anything. I wiped the counters, toilet and furnitures tops off with wipes I carry, while Ed went to the office for a broom and swept the place out. Oh, he also had to request a garbage can, as there wasn’t even one of them in the room–a new low for us.

Our Warm Showers hosts, Chuck and Hannah, graciously picked us up from the motel from hell and took us to dinner at a Mexican food restaurant in town. They are an awesome young couple. Chuck is working on his PhD in Math Education, and Hannah is attorney who practices something she enjoys better than law. And they are both cyclists and fitness fanatics, which I can relate to. They took us to a few of the sights in town and to the local ice cream shop which, of course, made my day. Thanks, Chuck and Hannah, for your hospitality and kindness! We truly enjoyed our time with you!

This is Shawn–the owner of the ice cream shop.
That’s us with Chuck and Hannah.

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