7/30/2021 – Zero Day in Manitowoc and the Badger Ferry to Ludington, MI

No alarm, this morning. I slept until I couldn’t sleep any more, waking up at–6:30 AM. What the heck! That’s not sleeping in. My sleeping in clock is broken. That’s just one more thing to work on, when I get back to Arizona, but for right now, being up early is important.

Chris had messaged us to meet up for breakfast, except I didn’t get the message, so was a few minutes late. Had a delicious breakfast at a fancy little cafe in town, next to my favourite chocolate shop. After running a few errands to pick up some grocery items, bug spray, and a few other things, I spent a little time cycling around town, to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything, but I ran out of time and did miss out on one of the things I had wanted to see–the site where the Sputnik debris landed on the road.

There was a banner for each submarine built here in Manitowoc. The top of the banner, for the first two, indicates they were sunk.

I headed over to the ferry at 12:40, to meet up with Chris and Ed. We loaded our bikes, settled in on board, and relaxed, while the ferry did all the work, carrying us across Lake Michigan.

Chris, Me and Ed with the Badger Ferry.
This bear sculpture was on the point next to the ferry landing.
A couple of old goofs, messing around with their electronics. I used the time on the boat to try to catch up on the blog, which, of course, will never happen.
Arriving Ludington.

Once we arrived Ludington, we rode into town, found a pub to eat in, and enjoyed delicious salads for dinner. Then it was off to our campground, which was right next to a large cemetery. There was no wifi to blog with, so we turned in early to rest up for a 75 mile day ahead.

Transitioning from ferry passengers to cyclists.
We’re in Michigan!!!
That’s the pub where we ate.
Morning photo of tent city. The two in the foreground are mine and Ed’s. Chris already had his down, by the time I took the photo.

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