7/17/2021 – Zero Day in Fargo, ND

11,07 Miles / 1863.31 Total Miles

141 Ft. Elevation Gain / 70,229 Ft. Total Elevation Gain

Ran several errands and checked out some important art and movie memorabilia on the way. Here’s how it went down:

After sleeping in, I first needed to pick up a couple of things from Scheels and Wal-mart, so I ventured out on my bike. In the course of my day, I bumped into 3 Trail of the Painted Bison installations around town.

If you remember, the Bismark Scheels has life sized George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and Ronald Reagan bronzes out front. Fargo’s Scheels also has Abraham Lincoln. Nice. I wonder if I could get a couple of these guys to come sit in my new back yard?

I don’t know where I was when the movie Fargo was popular. For the most part, I don’t watch R rated movies, so maybe I just looked past it. Well up here, that movie is a big thing. It was filmed here, and the wood chipper scenes are legendary. Ed and I stopped by the Fargo Visitor’s Center to try our hand at the wood chipper.

Then I putzed around, for the rest of the day and relaxed. Tomorrow, we head into Minnesota and predicted headwinds of up to 12 mph. I’m dreading it.

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