6/26/2021 – Zero Day in Whitefish, MT

Nothing happened today.  No cycling, sight seeing, shopping or eating out— I checked all those blocks yesterday.  Oh, and no laundry, because Ed did the laundry.  Today was a rest day, and I just hung out at the hotel; called my sisters and friends; and caught up on the blog, rest and nutrition.  End of story.  I need more rest days in my life.

9 thoughts on “6/26/2021 – Zero Day in Whitefish, MT

  1. Montana sounds like a great place to rest! Temps have been soaring so hopefully it is cooler there. Enjoy the respite.


  2. Hello Eileen! Paul and I (Liz) met you at Big Bend today as you climbed to Logan’s Pass. Hope you are having a good time at JSM campground. We will be thinking of you as you continue your adventure!


    1. Hi Liz! Thanks for reaching out! We are actually staying in one of the motel rooms. It was HOT when we arrived here, and there is no shade in the campground. Take care and safe travels!


      1. Ooh, so glad you are enjoying that air conditioning. How fortunate that you are able to even find a motel room in peak season so close to Glacier! Happy travels!!


      2. We are really lucky! Seriously! The problem with our motel and all the little motels in St Mary is that NONE of them have air conditioning. The room did not cool off till the last couple of hours of our sleep. Still, it was better than having to sit in the barren dirt campground waiting for shade.


  3. A well deserved rest for you…..Yea!
    Good luck on the next leg of your journey. I look forward to any blog updates that you have the time and energy to post! Stay safe!!


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