6/22/2021 – Newport, WA to Clark Fork, ID

58.5 Miles / 489.18 Total Miles

3232 Ft. of Elevation Gain / 27,717 Ft. Total Elevation Gain

Today, WE REACHED IDAHO!!! Still on Bike Route 10, we continued to follow the Pend Oreille River for about 20 miles, passing more amazing scenery, being passed by several huge logging trucks, and crossing through a couple of construction zones with the exact same road crews working on them. What are the chances of that?

The Pend Oreille River
More of the Pend Oreille
Lumber is big business up here.

When we reached US Highway 95, the harsh reality of road systems hit us. We were dumped onto a semi truck packed 4-lane road–headed for Sandpoint. It was a busy road, but it did have a nice shoulder, so I won’t complain too loudly. And it was the second 4-lane we have ridden on since Bellingham. At the causeway to Sandpoint, we had our own pedestrian lane for 4 miles, and it would have been bliss, if there hadn’t been extra large expansion joints every 30 feet. We survived that with no concussions, thankfully,

After chowing down on an amazing burger at the Burger Dock, I ran into this self proclaimed expert on Big Foots/Yetis/Sasquaches. She is prepared to speak at public gatherings and talk about the many she has seen on her remote property in the hinterlands of Idaho or Montana. Sorry. I forgot to get her phone number in my haste to get the heck away from her.

Continuing down the route, we circled the north half of Lake Pend Oreille and tackled some ridiculous hills to get ourselves to Clark Fork. I stopped for a huckleberry milk shake, then pushed on, because there were still 8 miles and a few big hills to go to get to our lodging, Lazy Acres Campsites and RV Park.

Nothing could have prepared us for what we found at Lazy Acres.  In fact, I had a really hard time even finding Lazy Acres, because I didn’t have the address, and none of the neighbors know it exists, but it does.  Trust me.  A gal named Lisa Camara, from San Jose, moved up to Clark Fork for family reasons, found out she loves it up here, and bought a property that had a home, yurt, and garage/outbuilding, and got busy turning the place into vacation central.  She has beefed it up with several tiny houses; an apartment above the garage; two bathrooms, each with multiple showers, toilets and sinks; a guest kitchen and laundry area; a dining tent, where she serves meals for a few extra bucks; a store area, where you can pick up food, snacks and other staples; a playground area; and a menagerie of animals.  We took advantage of most of the above features, but the animals may have taken advantage of us, and that part will probably be one of my best memories of the trip.  Naw, it’s too early to be saying that.

The farm animals pranked Ed today, and it was hilarious! After he set up his tent and left to take shower, they came in to explore. Seems he had put his food bag just inside the door and not zipped the door up. So these two guys were inside his tent helping themselves to his goodies, till I busted them. I mean, come on, Ed. These are goats! They eat anything that is edible, plus a few things that aren’t.

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