8/26/18 – Kitsap Memorial State Park to Shelton

6.8 Miles

2569 ft Climbing

Did I mention that I packed a dress and dress sandals so I could go to church on Sundays when there is a church nearby? Today would have been one of those days, but I was still sleeping and spending time with Catherine and Nadia. We went to Denny’s, so I could load up on carbs and eggs, then they took me back out to Kitsap Memorial State Park to pick up where I left off yesterday. I hated to say goodbye.

This was the late start of late starts (12:30 PM), and I was facing down a 70 mile day with lots of climbing. I spent a few minutes studying the ACA route and Google Maps, then decided to shortcut the scenic route, so I could get to my motel in Shelton at a reasonable hour.

The first part of the day was hilly and wooded. I was so busy pounding the pavement to make up for lost time, that I didn’t stop to shoot photos. When I arrived Bremerton, I made a quick stop at Winco to resupply my hot cocoa and Gatorade, then rode through the old section of town near the shipyard.

The route followed Sinclair Inlet before heading toward Belfair.

For several miles, as I left Bremerton, the shoulders were littered with nails, screws, and metal parts and pieces, any one of which could have easily slaughtered one of my tires. I couldn’t take my eyes off the pavement for a second for at least an hour, which was nerve wracking. In Belfair, the Dairy Queen called out to me, so I took a break to make a couple of phone calls.

Once back on the route, I decided to go back to riding the ACA route. BIG mistake. Within minutes I was riding along a scenic section of the Hood Canal into gusty winds.

But there was hope, because after a few miles of that, I was going to turn inland, where there would be some tree cover. I was so looking forward to that, but as soon as I turned the corner to go inland, i was also going upward at the rate of what I think was a 15% grade (my Garmin wouldn’t even register it). Then came the ominous signs. Lovely.

To make matters worse, it started raining. I’m not complaining, but who ordered up this weather, and shy did ACA choose this road? Was God punishing me for not making it to church this morning? Thankfully, after a difficult mile or so, the road leveled out into rideable rolling hills covered with pine trees in various stages of growth.

I made it into Shelton before nightfall. I’m on a string of nights indoor that I’m afraid will spoil me. Hey, I deserve to be spoiled for a few nights.

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