8/22/18 – Portland to Vancouver

Yesterday, I made one more futile pass at shrinking my gear list, then hopped on a scale to see how much I am going to be pushing around for the next month or so. My gear and three days of food weigh 60 lbs, and my bike weighs 37 lbs. Add to that the water in the 4 water bottles, and I am starting out with 103 lbs every morning. That is crazy! Food is overrated. Maybe I’ll stop carrying it once I eat what I’m carrying.

I spent the morning tying up loose ends, so we got a late start on the trip to Vancouver, and the traffic around Portland and Seattle didn’t help. It was horrible.

We finally made it to Vancouver and had a little time to catch a bite to eat and walk around Canada Place, before turning in for the night.

The 2010 Olympic Cauldron

I am both excited and nervous about starting the ride tomorrow. Once I get a few days under my belt, there will be less anxiety–I hope.

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