10/8/17 -Marathon to Sanderson, TX

Today is Sunday, again, and I’m trying to figure out how I’m ever going to get to church on this ride.  If I ever do anything like this again, I will plan the route so I have Sundays off and also so I am in a town where there is a church to go to. I just don’t have that control over our itinerary this time around.  So there was no church today, but I can say that today was the most restful day we’ve had on the tour.

Today’s riding conditions were the most restful we’ve had on the entire tour. When we pulled out of Marathon this morning, there was a little bit of climbing, but the grade was only 1 – 2%. The temperatures were cool, the road surface was perfectly smooth, and there was very little traffic. 


About a third of the way through the ride, the road pointed downhill, and for the last two hours into Sanderson we were going between 16 and 22 mph down hill with no headwind.  We couldn’t have asked for better riding conditions.

    The scene when we stopped at the first convenience market in Sanderson

    The short riding day allowed me time to both watch Music and the Spoken Word and take a short nap.  It was a very nice, laid back day. Tomorrow we kick back into high gear with an 81 mile day.  Followed by a 74 mile day.   

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