9/20/17 – Day Off in Phoenix

The only bike related things I did today were taking my bike in to Landis Cyclery for some adjustments to the derailleur; cleaning and doing maintenance on my bike; dropping by REI to get strap and buckle materials to replace the missing carry strap on my panniers; restocking supplements and hygiene items; and removing gear that I don’t need.

IMG_6036.JPGThe rest of the day was spent with my grandkids and dealing with the restoration contractors and my insurance company on the water damage to my house.  

A few people have asked me if I’m going to continue on with the ride, and the answer is—definitely yes!  Fixing this place can wait till after I get home from the tour.  The priority right now is drying the place out so it doesn’t get mold.

IMG_6060IMG_6066IMG_6064IMG_6061IMG_6056IMG_6057Thursday, I’ll be riding again, but today, home is where the action was (big yawn).





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