5/21/23 – Westborough, Massachusetts to Derry, New Hampshire!!!

Miles: 59.8 Today / 2494.54 Total

Elevation Gain: 2759 ft. Today / 71,905 ft. Total

First things first. Today is my granddaughter’s 10th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ella! Remember that we will be having our own private birthday party together when I get home! Grandma Loves You!

Another day, another state! Today, we entered New Hampshire—the most welcoming state yet, with 3 different signs at the border.

Confession: All of this riding is wearing me down. Have you noticed the pace of my blog posts? Todays hills were a little more tame than those of the last few days (huge relief), but interns of scenery, it felt like an extension of the last few days of riding—more of the same things I’ve been seeing for days. More rail trails, more charming small towns, more towering forests, more historic homes, more hills and winding roads, more river crossings, and more historic landmarks. I could never tire of seeing all these things, but I’m having a hard time coming up with new material to write about.

How about this? My bike has been acting up since the rain day and heavy duty hill climbing we had last week. Every time I shift the gears on my rear wheel cassette, the rear derailleur makes a loud screeching sound. Then there are my rear brakes. One of our “mechanics” adjusted my rear brake, and he says the rotor is warped, so the brake will just have to drag till the pad wears down. Well that dragging is very annoying. Then there is this other non bike problem, where my cycling shoes make their own creaking sound when they are not tightened up just right. All these squeaks and sounds are driving me nuts!

So today, while I was cycling down the Nassau River Rail Trail, I met a talkative gal named Amy Seligman, who not only is a turtle whisperer, but she is also the friend of a former Coast Guard Engineer who claims to have bicycle repair skills. She offered up his services to diagnose what is causing all the annoying noises, and he had some ideas. When I got to the next rest stop, I had our “mechanic” check my chain to make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. Good news—it doesn’t. The annoying sounds continued, like a Chinese torture chamber. Still no relief!

We were surprised by a short rail trail that brought us into Derry, then we ended up at another Methodist Church for the night. This one had no shower or private rooms for sleeping, but instead had a very nice young pastor with a gigantic, docile, black and white spotted Great Dane who is a people lover. I think everyone on the team, but me, has a dog waiting for them at home. I feel the pressure, but not right now, thank you. Maybe l’ll cave in and get one later in life, when I travel less.

The mural on the side of Hare of the Dawg.

Most of us walked down to Hare of the Dawg for dinner and bellied up to the bar to order some food. I treated myself a delicious Cobb Salad, which reminded me of how I eat when I’m not riding a bike like this. When we returned to the church, the lights were pretty quickly turned off for bedtime, so I followed suit and went to bed early.

7 thoughts on “5/21/23 – Westborough, Massachusetts to Derry, New Hampshire!!!

  1. Enjoying your bike journey through New Hampshire! Your storytelling keeps your blog posts engaging. Stay positive and keep pedaling strong. Hope the bike mechanic can fix those annoying noises. Meeting the docile Great Dane must have been a delightful surprise. Rest well and looking forward to your next post!

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    1. Brenda: I’m too tired most days to blog, at this point. We are riding such long days back to back. I lucked out and pulled into a bike shop the day you wrote this. They were willing to work on my bike right then and there. Got rid of the loud screeching sound, and the dragging brake noise. Tightening up my shoes gets rid of the shoe noise, but then my shoes are too tight. Can’t figure that one out.

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      1. Eileen, it’s great to hear that you were able to get your bike fixed at the bike shop and they resolved the screeching and dragging noises. It’s understandable that you’re feeling tired most days, considering the long rides you’re undertaking. Your determination and perseverance are truly admirable. Dealing with shoe noise can indeed be challenging, and I hope you’re able to find a comfortable balance soon. Take care and keep pushing forward.


  2. Hi again,
    I would be in the same place within the noises that your bike is making this would drive me insane!!! I would’ve end up hearing it even when I wasn’t riding because of my anxiety disorder. I would definitely have to figure out a way around that or I would have to get a new bike or even give in and do what I would hate. PLEASE do not do this! I really want you to achieve this. You definitely are a awesome human being!!!! I feel privileged to still be in contact with you. As you inspire me as many others have,also to push myself a little bit further and do what my heart screams for. I thankyou for that.
    Also I will tell you that you will know when the time is right to get a pet. Since you are doing what is right for you now . Maybe a pet isn’t right now, and that is okay as you already know.
    Our baby is at possibly going to be at the end of her life soon. She is 16yrs old and surprises me daily. She has a failing kidneys, liver, and a heart murmur. She is a miracle, but when she goes we will take some time for us.

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    1. I know what it’s like to have an old dog with lots of health problems. I love them so much. They are like children to you. And they love you back, even when they’re suffering, my ex-husband has our last dog that we had together. She’s 16, and her health is failing. Breaks my heart. She was there for me through some hard times in my life.

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      1. Thankyou for that comment. It’s nice to know that you know what I am going through. It helps alot.
        JoBeth DeVore


  3. Hang in there Eileen! I really admire this “Bucket List” bike tour. You are truly doing what you want to do with your life. I look forward to reading your blog each evening after you have posted and the pictures are fantastic! We do need to get together when you return to Arizona! Stay safe and keep moving forward!


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