11/6/19 – Long Beach to Rancho Santa Marguerita

Distance: 60.85 mi

Climbing: 2024 ft

We had Blue Bowl on the brain, as we pulled out of our Airbnb in Long Beach, this morning. I am a breakfast eater, but not today. In Huntington Beach, we had an off route errand planned to get an açaí meal from the best bowl makers in the world.

After cheating death with traffic on our Google Maps route, yesterday, we relied on Steve’s knowledge of the good LA bike routes and paths today. We started out on the Los Angeles River Bikeway, which took us to the oceanfront Shoreline Pedestrian Bikeway in Long Beach.

Continuing down the coast, we rode through Sunset Beach and Seal Beach, then at Huntington Beach, we turned inland for our Blue Bowl feast. After almost an hour of Nirvana, we headed back to the coast and got back on route in Newport Beach.

Marinas and house lined the many inlets we crossed, today.

See the gnarly boulders along the bike path below? They are very similar to what Steve landed on when he had his accident last year. Definitely pain givers.

In Newport Beach, we turned inland and followed a few different bike paths through Newport Beach, Irvine, Lake Forest and Mission Viejo on our way to the home of one of Steve’s long time friends.

These dinosaurs tried to scare us, but we didn’t fall for it.

Every few days, a bee makes its way into Steve’s helmet while we’re riding. You would be amazed at how quickly he can stop and hurl that helmet to the ground. The bees never survive.

And at last, we made it to our destination. We enjoyed a Mexican food dinner with and were entertained by Dan McCormick, who stays on top of some really interesting advances in health and wellness and tells great stories.

Tomorrow will be the last day of our ride, as we make our way to San Diego. We’re looking forward to seeing my sister and her husband, and having a day to rest, before heading home.

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