11/4/19 – Santa Barbara to Agoura Hills

Distance: 81.56 mi

Climbing: 3009 ft

Packing up and getting going takes less and less time, the further we get on our ride. Today, we had a long day ahead of us, so getting an early start was important. We rode past the historic buildings of Old Town Santa Barbara on our way to the waterfront. After cycling down the coast for a few miles, our route took us inland, until we reached Carpinteria.

Carpenteria was one of the stops on our honeymoon. We camped on the beach and got rained on, back then, but today, the weather was perfect. As we headed toward and through Ventura, we clung to the coast on bike paths.

The route turned inland, after Ventura, and we passed through miles and miles of crops and orchards.

In Oxnard, just past what we thought was our half way point, we found the best lunch stop we could. Let’s just say that the pickings were slim.

We let Google Maps bike route be our guide for the day, and after lunch, we were reminded that it is sometimes not to be relied upon. We were off the Adventure Cycling route to get to the home of a friend of Steve’s in Agoura Hills, when it sent us through a regional park to a mountain bike trail and then to a sewer plant that completely blocked the road, as in turning it into a dead end.

These goats were busy posing, when they should have been consuming dry grass and weeds to help prevent wildfires.

Our next Google maps suggestion was a super long bypass of what is normally the route to Agoura Hills. According to Maps, the road was closed, but there were dozens of vehicles heading toward us from the direction of the closure. I waived down a FEDEX driver who confirmed that the road is actually open. Thank goodness for that. We were pushing the window of daylight to make it to our destination, without adding on additional miles.

We really appreciate the hospitality of Todd and Lindy Turley, who hosted us for the night. After a delicious dinner and a bunch of great cycling stories with them at Woodfire Ranch BBQ & Grill, we headed back to their house and turned in for the evening.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to Long Beach, where Steve and I first met. We’ll not be stopping at Long Brach Memorial Hospital.

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