11/2/19 – Arroyo Grande to Lompoc

Distance: 42.17 mi

Climbing: 1975 ft

Last night, we sorted through our gear, again–this time, to gather up our cold and wet weather clothes, and anything else we haven’t been using. Our first stop this morning was the Post Office, where we lightened our loads by mailing home a large priority mail box of gear. I was happy to say goodbye to my sweet roll handlebar bag.

Today was a bit of a sleeper. We passed through miles and miles of fertile farmland, some of it being worked by laborers. On the first photo below, you may have to zoom in to see the ocean in the distance.

I’m the midst of the farm land, we crossed over into Santa Barbara County. And then, a few more miles down the road, we passed a busy golf course in the middle of nowhere. Strange place for a golf course, if you ask me.

The only town we passed through, today, was Guadalupe–a farm town with a population of about 7000. It had several murals with real people on them, but the women in most of them looked sad. Had to go for this happier one.

And then, on the way out of town, we passed a row of amateur sculptures. This was the only statue that wasn’t a weird abstraction.

  • We arrived our motel early and hit the laundromat. While babysitting our load, we played a few rounds of our favorite game,

    Tomorrow morning, after we catch church, we’ll be taking a leisurely Sunday ride down to Santa Barbara. Should be a great day.

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