11/1/19 – San Simeon to Arroyo Grande

Distance: 56.26 mi

Climbing: 2349 ft

Today was a recovery day, after yesterday’s extreme distance and climbing. It was going to be an easy 50 miler, but we found a way to pump up the climbing with a couple of off route errands. 

Throughout the day, we rode through dry hilly ranch land, a lot of it with grazing cattle.

Our favorite town was Cayucos. Billboards on the route informed us if the upcoming Brown Butter Cookie store, and it did not disappoint. Cute young ladies gather around tables and chit chat, while they hand roll cookie dough into thousands of little balls that they arrange on cookie sheets for baking. Tough job, eh? Can you imagine doing that all day long without licking your fingers or eating a spoonful? That would be complete torture! We sampled several cookies and bought several more to snack on.

The town had some great murals, and vintage cars were cruising the main drag and lining the streets, in preparation for a big car show we won’t be in town for tomorrow.

When we reached San Luis Obispo, we had some errands to run. Our bike lock escaped Steve’s bike a couple of days ago; my lip balm fell out of my top tube bag yesterday; a clip on one of our Revelate bags broke this morning; the air in our tires needed to be topped off with a real bike pump; and Steve’s supply of chamois lube was dangerously low. This called for stops at a drug store, an REI and a feed store–all in close proximity to each other, but off the route. With all missions accomplished, we took Google Map’s suggested route to our motel, which was a very bad idea. We ended up on our longest climb of the day, when we should have been coasting downhill to the finish line. Grrrrr!

Tomorrow will be another easy day, as we make our way to Lompoc to catch church Sunday morning.

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