10/29/19 – Klamath to Humboldt County Airport

Distance: 48.24 mi

Climbing: 2897 ft

  • For several days, we have been listening to the news, following the weather ahead on the route and discussing possible options for what to do when we catch up to the fires in Northern California. Last night, was the moment of truth. We started getting calls from Travelocity about upcoming reservations being cancelled due to the PG&E power blackouts. It was a long hard night, as we weighed our options. The blackout was expected to impact the next 6 stops on our route, which meant we would be unable to charge our phones and lights. Navigation and visibility are high on our list of necessities. Warmth, laundry, clean rooms and cooked meals are a notch below, but still very important.
  • The low (10%) fire containment; the extreme wind and weather predictions; the electrical blackout; and discussions with many locals brought us to the decision to rent a van at the closest town to the power blackout, drive down the route to the first rental car return location beyond the blackouts, then continue our ride. That meant we would follow our route out of Klamath to the Humboldt Airport in McKinleyville, pick up a rental van, then drive all night to get to Monterey. There, we would take a day off to regroup and plan our route from Monterey to San Diego.

    And this is where our day began. On the way out of Klamath, we crossed over this bridge with life sized gold bear statues on the 4 corners. Why 4 gold bears on that particular bridge? We never could figure that out. Pretty quickly, we arrived at the first California redwoods. Almost having the quiet narrow road through the county, state and national parks to ourselves, we had ourselves a nice private tour.

    If you’ve never seen them, redwood trees are unbelievably huge! They remind you of how small and insignificant you really are.

    When we got to Trinidad, Google Map’s bike route sent us down over 3 miles of this lovely road. Wish we had been on mountain or gravel bikes, instead of road bikes with racing wheels.

    I had shaken baby syndrome at the end of that crazy road, but the scenery along that torturous section was unbeatable. Almost made it worth it. Naw, it did make it worth it–amazing sea stacks followed by a cool sand bar separating the waves from the shore.

    Here’s a 3 man game we passed on the road. Each guy lined out a box for himself, then they attempted to throw and catch a football to each other without stepping out of the box. Let’s just say–it did’t work very well.

    As I mentioned above, we’ll be going dark tomorrow to regroup and plan the rest of our ride to San Diego, then pick up our ride from Monterey on October 31st.

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