10/27/19 – Gold Beach to Brookings

Distance: 27.82 mi

Climbing: 1965 ft

Sleeping in, this morning, was amazing! Steve schmoozed the front desk into giving us a late checkout, so we had time to go to church, clean our chains and take our time packing up. As a rest day, we had a short, leisurely ride ahead of us.

The scenery of the day was sea stacks. Big ones, little ones, little families, large congregations–all kinds of configurations. Sea stacks and pristine unpeopled beaches. I wish we could have spent the day walking the miles of sea stacks, but it was frankly quite cold out, all day long, so that wouldn’t have been much fun.

Below, can you see the wet sand being blown by the heavy winds? Heavy tailwinds pushed us down the route today. What a treat.

Before long, we arrived Brookings, the most welcoming town yet, in terms of welcome signs. Tomorrow will be another downsized recovery day, so we can rest up for a sequence of long hard days.

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