10/26/19 – North Bend to Gold Beach

Distance: 86.39 mi

Climbing: 4252 ft

Whoa! Have you looked at our stats? Why does it look like we’re going so slow? We’re bicycle touring. I stop for everything worth looking at, and Steve is stuck with me, so he stops too.

About today, let me just say up front that the two best parts of our day, were the nonstop tail wind and having our 2-way Terrano radios back working again. Hallelujah!. Life is good! We love being able to talk while we ride.

We were so glad to be out of North Bend. Not our kind of town. Once out of there, things turned nice really quickly. As we crossed the draw bridge into a nearby little fishing village, we had to stop for a selfie, and that’s when we discovered a bunch of harbor seals frolicking, turning summersaults, and looking at us longingly.

We are loving our bike-packing setup. Still perfecting loading up and getting going in the morning, but we’ll have that down soon.

Once out of the fishing village, the road turned sharply and immediately became a very steep and windy road. Something didn’t seem right, so we checked our maps, and sure enough, we were on Seven Devils Road. That explained everything. My memory of the road, from my previous ride, was that it was an immense and unnecessary suffer-fest, but riding it on lightly packed road bikes, it was actually fun. Definitely one of the highlights of our day.

Once off Seven Devils Rd., we were headed for Bandon, where just a little over a year ago I started a letter in my blog, “Dear Man of My Dreams….” (See https://livingourbucketlist.com/2018/09/05/9-4-18-coos-bay-to-port-orford/). Things have sure changed since then. On this trip, the man of my dreams is my riding partner. BTW, Steve was just as wowed by the sea stacks as I was.

This driftwood cyclist was in a front yard driftwood sculpture garden we passed. Now THAT’S art.

After passing through Langley and Port Orford, we caught up to mile marker 301. Just yesterday, we passed 200–proof that we are really cruising.

After Bandon, we followed the waterfront most of the way to Gold Beach, except for a couple of sections where mountains jutted out to the ocean, forcing the highway to circle up, over and around them. The scenery in those mountain passes was spectacular.

Our crossing to Gold Beach was another really long, cool bridge. Our motel had hot cocoa in the lobby (hey, it was a long cold day), a hot tub and a light show. Definitely love that place. After 4 really long days in the saddle, we decided to change our schedule to split the ride to Klamath into 2 days of riding. That way we can sleep in and go to church tomorrow morning, before a leisurely ride to Brookings. It will be like a day off–kind of.

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