10/25/19 – Waldport to North Bend

Distance: 89.33 mi

Climbing: 5112 ft

We were up pretty late last night, taking care of business, and didn’t get that early start we had hoped for. After a resupply run to a little market and a trip to the post office, we didn’t get out riding until 10:30 in the morning. It felt like we were catching up all day long.

About that trip to the post office, it was all about sending things home that we don’t need–to save space and weight and to make room for the things we really do need. Last night, Steve spent quite a bit of time sorting through his gear to send home enough stuff that he could also send home his day pack. Some of the things that went home were my comb, eyeliner and blush, a full sized metal can of bag balm, a 4 oz tub of coconut oil, a 14+” hand massage roller, and the full sized tools we used to assemble our bikes. Steve says it’s a lot more convenient not having to lug the backpack around. I’m glad to see him assimilate to the touring mentality.

On to our travels, Oregon has some of the coolest bridges you’ll ever see, and there were a lot of them today. Here’s the view from our hotel of our first bridge of the day. Pretty cool, eh?

Arriving at the Spouting Horn blow hole at high tide, we were actually able to see it spout.

We passed at least 3 lighthouses, today and would have loved to have ridden or hiked out to them, but after turning off the 101, the roads leading to them looked steep and long–two things we had no appetite for. We were able to get pretty close to the Heceta Head lighthouse without cheating death or breaking any rules, so I snapped this photo. Hopefully, one day we’ll be able to drive up here in the RV and take our time enjoying the sights and outdoor activities.

This the only seal we could see on Seal Beach.

Of course, Steve needed a photo of mile marker 200 on Highway 101.

The Oregon Dunes follow the beach for miles. Someday, when we bring the RV up here, we need to bring an ATV and some kayaks and the grandkids. This place really looks fun!

We ended our day in a dumpy little town named North Bend. The motel clerk who checked us in for our stay told us we could walk to fast food and a Safeway store pretty quickly, because they were only 1/4 mile away. It was windy and under 50 degrees when we embarked on our 1/4 mile walk to the store. A half hour later, we finally made it to the store, which was well over a mile away. We were frozen.

One thing our motel desk clerk did get right was safekeeping a package for us that was delivered to the motel by Amazon. After almost a week of riding with a broken radio and hence, only one-way communication, we were thrilled to have a new Terrano XT radio waiting for us when we checked in. After testing our old radios with the various components of the new radio, we narrowed the problem down to the cradle of my radio. With the cradle replaced, we are really looking forward to tomorrow’s ride, as we head to Gold Beach.

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