10/24/19 – Tillamook to Waldport

Distance: 89.33 mi

Climbing: 5112 ft

Today was–well–busy.  Facing a pretty long day with lots of climbing, we woke up earlier and got out the door earlier.

The Pacific Coast Highway, up in Washington and Oregon, is US Highway 101, and it was getting busier and more congested as we rode south. So we were thankful to be able to turn off the highway in Tillamook and ride on little side roads for a good part of the day.

Starting out on the Three Capes Route, the super climby spur I skipped on my solo trip due to its long 9-11% grades, the scenery was amazing. First we passed through miles of forrest canopy, then transitioned to clear cut hillsides which were followed by sand dunes. (Don’t ask me what sand dunes were doing out in the forest?)

After passing through some lush farmland with grazing cattle, we spent the the rest of the day meandering through little beach towns as the route clung to the beach.

Below, you can see the road we should have been on for a few miles, but missed, due to a navigational error by moi. Instead of beachside scenery, we slogged up a steep hill climb and sucked up exhaust from rush-hour vehicles on Highway 101.

We don’t have a bike pump with enough pressure to air our tires up to the level of pressure we prefer, so we’re stopping every day or so at bike shops along the route.

At the end of the day, we splurged on the Jacuzzi suite at a little resort hotel. There were mirrors everywhere, but no disco ball. We enjoyed the heck out of that jacuzzi, but after dinner, there was work to be done, including gear adjustments, clothes to be of laundered, a few days of lodging reservations to be locked in, sorting out gear to be mailed home, and of course updating the blog. After a couple of games of Ticket to Ride, we settled in for a late niter.

Tomorrow will be another long day, as we head to North Bend, which is just short of Coos Bay.

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