10/23/19 -Seaside to Tillamook

Distance: 50.89 mi

Climbing: 2612 ft

You know, I used to be a morning person and a night person, but that has all changed, and I may have corrupted Steve. Getting going in the morning is sooooo hard! We did a lot better today, but then our fateful stop at Safeway tripped us up. We needed to pick up a few snack items and some breakfast, but it was 46 degrees outside, and We weren’t budging.

Once we got going, the scenery was spectacular–pristine beaches with no people on them, sea stacks, dense forests, and windy hilly roads that must have crossed over 100 bridges. Steve loved all the hill climbing, and once it warmed up a little, we were loving that ocean air.

We passed through a bunch of cute little resort towns and fishing communities, and ended up in Tillamook. And, by the way, we did not stop for the Tillamook factory tour. Both Steve and I have been there / done that, and are avoiding major tourist traps as much as possible. Ironically, our last stop of the day was Safeway–to pick up dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast and snacks. Avoiding that stop in the morning just might eliminate our excuse to goof off.

I forgot to mention our cheap motel. I think the front desk hates cyclists. If you zoom in on the rightmost end of the building, you can see Steve getting ready to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to our room. It was a blast (heavy sarcasm) hefting our loaded bikes up them.

Our room had a lot of nice touches. Like the towel and soap display, the paper seal on the toilet seat and 3 garbage cans. We are living in luxury!

Thought you might like to see what happens when a place gives us 2 beds. Sorry motel maid.

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