10/22/19 – Test Ride (NOT) Cape Disappointment, WA to Seaside, OR

Distance: 57.41 mi

Climbing: 1850 ft

It sure is hard getting going when you’re starting a 1400+ mile bike ride. It took way too long to jam all our gear into our little tiny bike-packing bags, this morning. We were glad to break out of our motel and finally see the sky again, after 7 days of rain and gloom.

Remember, today’s ride was just going to be a warm up for our legs and a test ride for our gear, but Steve got to thinking that maybe if we went just a little further, we could ditch our dive Motel 6 in Astoria and stay in a better Motel 6 in Seaside. Great idea, Steve.

But first, before we could leave out, we had a little off route business to take care off, including stops at the Social Security office (only in Astoria would there be no other customers waiting), a copy store, the post office, a bike shop, and Subway Sandwich Shop. During our errands, we discovered that our two-way radios weren’t working–a major malfunction. By the time we finished all our running around and tried everything we could think of to get the radios working, it was almost noon.

The late start wouldn’t matter, because this as going to be an ‘ easy’ ride, right? The plan was to cross the Megler-Astoria Bridge, cycle out to Cape Disappointment–on the Washington side of the bridge, where we would find out what was so disappointing about the place, then head back across to the Oregon side and on to Seaside.

The ride out to Cape disappointment was a little disappointing–no pun intended. We ended up with a headwind, and there was quite a bit of unexpected climbing involved in the little loop road around the cape. On the positive side, we did figure out where the name came from (read below), and we had a lovely tailwind most of the way back to Seaside.

The highlights of the day? That tailwind and the Megler-Astoria Bridge. As the longest (4.1 miles) cantilever through-truss bridge in the world, it is one heck of an engineering feat. Supper cool!

The low light of the day? Discovering that our two-way Terrano XT radios had become one-way radios, and then not being able to fix them. What a bummer. We are used to talking to each other while we ride, so today’s silence was deafening. Amazon will come to our rescue on Friday, but till then, we’ll be suffering immensely.

Tomorrow will be our first real day of riding, as we head past Cannon Beach toward Tillamook.

4 thoughts on “10/22/19 – Test Ride (NOT) Cape Disappointment, WA to Seaside, OR

  1. I agree! You two are amazing. Our son loves to do cross country biking, too. Your pictures are breathtaking and inspiring. I’m recuperating from knee replacement and it is fun living vicariously reading about your adventures. Be safe and have a wonderful trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Best wishes on your recovery!

      I’m sure that at some point, we’ll have failing joints. When it happens, we’ll get them replaced and keep going.

      There is so much beauty in our country. The Oregon Coast amazes me, but then so do the California Redwoods. I can’t wait for my husband to see these places.


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