10/14/19 – 10/21/19 Final Preparations for Pacific Coast Reprise Bike Tour

The final week leading up to our bike ride has been hectic. On Monday the 14th, Steve and I flew down to Phoenix with less than 14 hours to complete all post construction cleanup, then move furnishings and personal items back to their places in 4 rooms of our home there. The project to repair damage from numerous water leaks was mostly complete just hours before we arrived AZ. After visiting my daughter and grandkids in Queen Creek for a few hours, catching a quick dinner and picking up a couple of items from the store, we had 10 hours to take care of everything that needed to be done to prepare the house for guests arriving just a few days later.

After a grueling all-nighter, we headed back to the airport at 4:30 AM to catch a flight to Eugene, Oregon, with a load of baggage that included bikes and gear for an 18 day tour of the Pacific Coast and two day packs with the clothes we would need for a 5-day visit with Steve’s son Joshua and his family.

Late Sunday evening, after 5 fun filled days with Joshua, Jayne, Vera and Blanche, they dropped us at our first cheap motel–the Astoria Motel 6, next to the Megler-Astoria Bridge, and headed back to their home in Vancouver, Washington.

Steve and I had agreed to delay the start of our ride until the rain and south westerly winds subsided on Wednesday. It turned out that after long days of hanging with family, playing games, and exploring National Monuments, beaches and other tourist attractions, we needed at least a day to relax, properly assemble our bikes and organize our gear.

Steve’s Gear

Eileen’s Gear

After a long relaxing day, we were now thinking clearly. Why rush into long hard days of hilly coastal cycling, when we hadn’t ridden a bike in the 10 days since the end of the Huntsman Senior World Games? We need to ease into our trip with a test ride across the Megler-Astoria Bridge, a little more sightseeing, and a little more shopping. That’s the plan for tomorrow, then on Wednesday the real riding will begin. I swear.

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