2019 Reprise of the Pacific Coast Ride

A lot has changed since last year’s ride down the Pacific Coast.  During my rest day in Long Beach, California, I met up with a fella named Steve Moss, who I had been messaging and talking to on the phone for five months. He had just had surgery to reconstruct the crushed pelvis he received in a catastrophic cycling collision that unfortunately occurred the day before he was to meet up with me to ride from Carpenteria to San Clemente. 

Once my ride was over and Steve was back in Utah recovering, we reunited, and from that point forward, we have been pretty much inseparable.  We got married in February of this year and have been traveling, training, scheming, hiking and cycling together every since.

We had planned to cycle up the Atlantic Coast in the Spring of 2019, but a construction project Steve was planning for interfered with our schedule.  The project ended up being cancelled, so we headed up to Utah to escape the summer heat in Arizona. Steve became my coach as I trained up to race road and mountain bikes, which was all new to me. 

Those races are now over, and the Utah weather is turning cold, so it’s time to head to Arizona for the winter, but what about the bucket list?  A couple of years ago, I made a commitment to myself to have an epic adventure at least once a year, so we have decided on a reprise of the most scenic part of the Pacific Coast Highway route I rode alone last year.  There is some beautiful scenery Steve needs to see before we move on to other epic adventures.

For this ride, we’re trying a new gear strategy.  We’re leaving the heavy chromoly frame touring bike with panniers behind and riding our road bikes loaded up with a downsized set of gear packed tightly into Revelate Designs bikepacking bags:  A Sweet Roll and a 14 Liter Terrapin.  With our fully loaded bikes weighing less than 40 lbs (57 lbs less than my fully loaded touring bike), we expect to be able to move down the route much more quickly.  For the entire trip, we’ll be credit card camping (staying in cheap motels, Airbnbs and possibly with Warm Showers hosts), so we won’t be carrying any cooking or camping gear.  It’s an experiment that we hope works.

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Our itinerary: